More work, more actions

We increase the budget base with liquidity and consolidated actions, up to an additional 100%, through donations that decrease multidimensional poverty. In this way, governments, universities and legally constituted organizations obtain more and more results, which, without this international participation, wouldn’t be possible. At the same time, they can host Windows for CMT Management that benefit collaborators and the community in general. They are also invited to become inspiring leaders of change with the possibility of receiving incentives that support their voluntary work.
We seek to provide integral health with: 1) the Alternative Medicine Model, conceived of and instituted by the nurse Catalina Mendoza Arredondo, and 2) The execution of programs that improve the quality of family and community life, facilitating in this way access to social security. • Hemodialysis treatment

• Cataract surgery

• Adaptation of spaces for better health

• Ambulances

• Equipment

• Surgical equipment

• Community pharmacies

• Home water purifiers

We know that students need basic conditions to take advantage of the teaching-learning process, as well as good conditions to enrich their instruction and physical and intellectual growth. At CMT, we implement education support programs that help guarantee the exercise of this fundamental, inalienable right, which is imprescriptible and non-transferrable, and which every person should enjoy without discrimination.

Sectorial programs

• Improvement of school spaces

• School transport units

• Insurance for student medical costs

• Computing equipment

• School footwear

• Backpacks

By granting subsidies for breastfed infant formulas, premium liquid milk and animal protein, we support family economies and resolve pressing needs, above all in cases of maternal mortality, sickness, malnutrition, or toxic substance ingestion. Or in cases of emotional alternation that disturb the link between mother and child (depression, stress, anxiety), or when mothers are subject to long, exhausting workdays that prevent them from breastfeeding their children on time. The formula is a good option in cases of twins, triplets or more descendants from a single pregnancy.

Sectorial programs

• Milk formulas

• Premium liquid milk

• Protein of animal origin

We implement programs that improve the quality of family and community life, in a co-responsible, organized way, strengthening social cohesion, support links and solidarity. Based on the General Law of Social Development, we have programs that stress multidimensional poverty indicators.

Programas sectoriales

• Home improvement

• Roofing improvement

• Painting and waterproofing

• Solar heaters

• Water storage

• Home water purifiers

• Savings groups for productive projects.0

This supports small producers in obtaining necessary infrastructure and basic supplies, regardless of the number of hectares or amount of livestock they possess.

Through agriculture and livestock programs, we seek to guarantee food security, elevate life quality for those who work long, exhausting days to provide for national sustenance and exportation, and contribute to expanding fertile soils that possess necessary nutrients to produce good harvests.

Sectorial programs

• Stable improvement

• Balanced livestock feed

• Drinking and feeding troughs

• Backyard gardens

• Greenhouses and row covers

• Organic fertilizers

• Agricultural equipment

• Hoppers and grain silos

• Improved maize

• Tortilla dough grinders

We promote the use of technologies for sustainable use of drinking and rain water, as well as residual water treatment.

Sectorial programs

• Residual water treatment plants

• Rain water harvesters

• Tubing for drainage

By co-investing with housing organisms, it is possible to eradicate overcrowded conditions and unhealthy environments.

Sectorial programs

• Housing improvements

• Basic domestic tools

• Ecological bathrooms

• Eco-technologies

We empower the public function with co-investment schemes in public works and acquisition of fixed assets, and we increase public resources up to an additional 100%, with a focus on rubrics that show a decrease in social needs.

In this way, governments carry out more actions than planned. Without the participation of CMT, this would not be possible.
CMT’s program for Widening Goals in Public Work and Acquisition of Fixed Assets allows an increase in public patrimony, and provides a means to procure security and combat delinquency

Sectorial programs

• Patrols

• Transport units

Municipal Sectorial Scheme

• Education Council

• Public Security Council

• Health Council

• Rural Development Council

• Public Works Council

• Water Committee

• Finances