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Who is Congregación Mariana Trinitaria?



Congregación Mariana Trinitaria is a private non-profit institution which grants social assistance, without any political or religious interest. It was created with the purpose of  bringing an end to the health problems that it used to faced every day.

The origins of Congregación Mariana Trinitaria, are strongly related with health care. Its first actions were focused on granting medical treatment for free or at very low cost, through an alternative method, which otherwise would be very expensive.

To learn a bit more about our institution, a question which surges from the name itself:
-is it religious or not?

Although the name CONGREGACIÓN MARIANA TRINITARIA, A.C uses words connected to the Catholic Church, this does not imply any religious activities. The name was given by members of the council, most of whom are catholic: This doctrine professes the love between the father, the son, and the holy spirit (The holy Trinity= Trinitaria) along with them, the representation of Maria (Mariana).

Those who granted the name, tried to express their feelings this way, in the best manner they could and understood. However, help is granted and cooperation links are built with members or organizations of different religions and also laical ones. The members are catholic themselves, but do not profess any religion while on social duty and are not acting on order to transmit or induce Catholicism.

Our work guidelines are regulated by an own constitution, this focuses on our social goal.